Who is SCS

The SCS team is composed of individuals who strive to provide nothing short of the best service for our clients through our dealer / reseller community. When you call SCS, expect to hear a friendly person on the line, not a machine. We take pride in providing personal service.

SCS offers a wide range of products and is highly committed to providing cost-effective solutions. Systems / Workstations, Benching, Seating, Demountable Walls, Case Goods in addition to a wide range of Ergonomics and Accessories make our collections stand out within the contract furniture industry. Along with our updated product lines, we strive to stay consistent with the changing workplace.

Our objective: Deliver the most comprehensive furniture solutions to our clients which promote increased productivity and creativity in the workplace. We focus on designs that are clean and functional, offering a multitude of material options and integrating client requests seamlessly into our product lines.

SCS is passionate about servicing our dealers and clients. We listen to what the customer wants, and we implement change quickly to meet the needs of the ever-changing office landscape. Because we are nimble, quick and dedicated, we are able to produce product faster than most everyone else.