Typical 20 Left Return U-Shape with Hutch and Low Bookcase 42" Round Table

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Whether you want to sit, stand, or alternate between, our desks are designed to rise to any occasion.Offering seated and standing height workstations as well as height-adjustable desks that can be raised and lowered with a simple touch, this supports multiple postures and encourages healthy movement.

H10502 10500 Series Floorstnd Full Ht Ped B/B/F 15-5/8W x 22-3/4D
H10504 10500 Series Floorstnding Full Ht Ped F/F 15-5/8W x 22-3/4D
H10534 10500 SeriesStack-on Storage 72"W x 14-5/8D x 37-1/8H
H10541 10500 Series Cred Shell 72W x 24D x 29-1/2H
H105533 10500 Series Bookcase 3-shelf 36Wx13-1/8Dx43-3/8H
H10560 10500 Series Bridge 42W x 24D x 29-1/2H
H105856 10500 Series Back enclosure for 72"W Stack on Storage
H10592 10500 Series Desk Shell 72W x 30D x 29-1/2H
H90056 10500 Series Tckbd for 72"W Stack on Strg Bck Enclosure
HH870960 Tasklight 60W
HTLD42 Preside 42"Round Shaped Laminate Top
HTLXP42 Preside Laminate Panel X Base for 42" Tops
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