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Are you Starting-up, Reorganizing, Relocating, Remodeling or Expanding? Services are provided in any combination and to the degree it best serves the customers business objectives, culture and processes. The right workplace environment is not just about the space you occupy. It's about appearance, functionality, image, flexibility, achieving maximum efficiency and accommodating future needs thus allowing you to adapt as required.

We know that each of our client’s needs are different and shaped by unique circumstances, goals and objectives. SCS brings best practice experience from a diverse client base resulting in confidence that we can meet your needs.

SCS works with many manufacturers which enables us to satisfy a wide variety of product requirements including “green” (remanufactured, recycled, environmentally friendly) options.

As your “Workplace Environment Specialists” we create solutions in support of local and worldwide enterprises.

  • Interior Design
  • Project Management
  • Product Installation
  • Workplace Reconfiguration
  • Workplace Relocation
  • Skilled and Unskilled Labor
  • Information Management Planning
  • Information Systems Planning


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